General Information

Mission/Vision Statement:
Our mission is to provide a world music, jazz and commercial approach within our educational focus. Golden Jazz is committed to use traditional jazz education as the foundation to our educational platforms. Further, Golden Jazz is committed to provide a professional educational experience to students of all ages, as preparation of our next generation is a key factor to a successful continuation to the overall world music cultures and its music industries.

About Golden Jazz:
From its inception on 2014.09.14, Golden Jazz has become one of the important and professional private music institutions in China. Thru hard work, vision, dedication, and for sharing their love for music, Golden Jazz is today an internationally recognized institution, which include several project cooperations with universities and conservatories world wide.  Golden Jazz is committed to be at the forefront of the shaping and success of Chinese music education. Further, Golden Jazz is a research driven institution that always strive for educational excellence thru the research of new educational innovations within today’s music industry.

International Presence:
Golden Jazz regularly host international guests by providing performance, masterclass, and study abroad opportunities to students throughout China. In addition, Golden Jazz has had a successful project for several years with performances of traditional Chinese opera in a jazz setting. This project has reached an international audience and has helped to build a bridge between music cultures. Further, Golden Jazz’ teaching faculty is international in scope, which have included teachers from: China, Sweden, Spain, United States, South Korea, Brazil, and Italy.

Current Music Organization Infrastructure:
Board of Directors, school principal/director of education, assistants, faculty- and office staff members.

Current Educational Teaching Platform:
  • Private instruction (jazz and classical)
  • Theory (jazz and classical)
  • Jazz composition
  • Jazz improvisation 
  • Ear training
  • Jazz history 
  • Music education
  • Critical listening
  • Rythm
  • Ensembles (jazz, funk, pop, latin, contemporary, and big bands -youth and professional levels)
  • Online video courses
  • Jazz Playalong Book Series (Volume 1-4)
As live performance is crucial to anyone’s educational musical upbringing, Golden Jazz’ is committed to provide as much professional performance opportunities as possible for students, which will help to channel and convert student’s intellectual knowledge into successful real-time stage performance.

Educational Projects:
  • Golden Jazz performances of traditional Chinese opera in a jazz setting (“Crossing Chinese Opera With Jazz” project), has been performed in China and in the United States. The instrumentation include traditional Chinese opera instruments, percussion, actors, singers, and a traditional jazz sextet (trumpet, alto and tenor saxophone, piano, bass, and drum set.) This project is extremely unique, and one that bring an exciting cultural exchange.
  • Music summer camp (Jazz/Contemporary Summer Music Camp- now in its 5th year)
  • Jazz festival and competition (now in its 2nd year)
  • Golden Jazz will release its first jazz textbook in early 2020: A Golden Jazz Journey, Vol. 1; China Higher Education Press, 2020. The textbook is written by their newly hired school Principal/Director of Education, Stefan Karlsson. This textbook will become an important addition to jazz education in China and has already been promoted and accepted into several jazz institutions throughout China. The textbook is a 350-page source that covers most subjects that many jazz institutions world wide include in their curricula.
  • Beginning this coming fall 2020, Golden Jazz will launch its newly developed preparatory course program ("Intensive College Preparatory Course"- ICPC). The ICPC is designed to help students achieve a better chance to enter university studies.
  • Another training program for fall 2020 has been designed for music directors and faculty members. This program is called, "Institute for Professional Teacher Training" (IPTT), and is designed to provide an expansion of knowledge within the Jazz and Popular music fields. The ICPC and IPTT have been developed by their school principal, Stefan Karlsson
New Building Project:
With the renovation and opening of a new building in early fall, Golden Jazz will now be equipped to accommodate a much larger student enrollment and overall competitive presence including: class room spaces, music library, teaching offices, practice rooms, performance hall, recording studio, hosting of events, technological advances, summer workshops, festivals, dormitories, restaurant, pool, recreational facility, and more. This new building will serve as a state-of-the-art, and multi-functional arts center.

In conclusion, as jazz and contemporary/commercial music education is on the rise in China, Golden Jazz' goal is to be at the forefront, and to serve as one of the leading institutions by providing a bridge of cultural and educational exchanges with the rest of the world’s educational music industry.