The 2022 Annual Network Meeting of the Creative Europe co-funded project AEC – Empowering Artists as Makers in Society (ARTEMIS) took place on Monday 21 November online. The meeting enabled working group members to come together and meet each other, share experiences, and updates from their work as well as create synergies for future collaborations. 

The day’s programme included plenary presentations, ice-breaking activities and work in smaller groups facilitated by office team members. Common topics of interest were addressed, such as communication and dissemination, student involvement, data collection and participation in upcoming AEC events.

The meeting started with a short introduction by the newly-elected AEC President Deborah Kelleher.

Then, the AEC Office team presented the overall ARTEMIS project, its internal structure in 8 different work packages and the Creative Europe framework. The project officially started on 1 February 2022 and will last for 3 years, until 31 January 2025. After that, the working groups had a chance to meet separately in order to reflect on their target audiences and quantitative and qualitative indicators of success for their work.

Later on, working group members were assigned to different breakout groups according to their interests, with the objective of discussing issues relevant to all working groups of the project and exchanging ideas and perspectives on how to tackle these from different angles. The topics addressed were facilitated by office team members: data collection, communication and dissemination, cross-cutting priorities (going green and gender equality) and students’ involvement, together with EPASA representatives. The outcomes of the discussions were then presented in plenary and will have an impact on the daily activities and initiatives of the ARTEMIS project as a whole.

The 2023 ARTEMIS Annual Network Meeting will be held in presence on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 June 2023. It will gather all Working Group members face-to-face for the first time. The location of the meeting is still to be confirmed. Should you want to host our upcoming meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Alfonso Guerra at for more information. 

Many deliverables of the ARTEMIS project are already being produced and will be published on the AEC website and social media channels in the upcoming months.

Please stay tuned for all things ARTEMIS!