AEC-SMS – Strengthening Music in Society

co-funded by the creative europe programme of the european union

Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) play a crucial role to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural heritage and diversity, to facilitate access to cultural offerings and cultural education for all, and to contribute to economic growth through the creation of new jobs and new business models in the creative sector. With support from the European Commission through the scheme “European Networks” of the Creative Europe programme, AEC continued to support and encourage Music HEIs to adapt to change, embrace innovation and open up new fields of activities through the project Strengthening Music in Society (AEC-SMS).

AEC-SMS: the project results

The 4-year project led by AEC came to an end: find and share the resources developed for you and your institution!

AEC- Strengthening Music in Society takes a particular lens on the broad agenda that the title suggests, focusing on the education of the next generations of professional musicians through higher music education institutions (HMEIs): what is needed in developing this education to ensure that emerging professional musicians are able to make flourishing lifelong careers and contribute to the societies in which they live; and equally in what ways these institutions may strengthen the part they play within their own localities, and the societal impact they have through the work they do with young musicians.

Project objectives

Through this project, together with experts from AEC member institutions and partner organisations who have formed different Working Groups (WGs), AEC has been pursuing the following objectives:
  • To raise consciousness of contemporary potential and challenges for musicians and HMEIs in society, and how these interact with the complex responsibilities that HMEIs have, artistically, educationally, economically, socially and environmentally
  • To encourage HMEIs to open their educational offer towards more diversity and to promote inclusiveness throughout their activities.
  • To embed entrepreneurial skills in the education of the artist to better prepare students for their future role as musician-entrepreneur.
  • To help music students and teachers internationalise their careers and activities, and to achieve a greater impact of the most important online tool for student mobility in HME.
  • To explore and discuss new Learning & Teaching models enabling HMEIs to educate creative and communicating musicians.
  • To encourage the use of digital technologies in music education.
  • To strengthen student voice within the Association and within all AEC member institutions and to establish a European network of HME students.
  • To increase the quality of early childhood music education and thus extend the audience of tomorrow.

Hear it from the AEC members!

Contact the AEC Office  if you would like to know more about AEC-SMS. More information and material produced is also available on the SMS Website and the Media Material page.

Project partners