In order to provide necessary assistance to EASY members, the AEC organised, on Monday 7 March, an online webinar on the use of the Erasmus Dashboard, the online tool for Erasmus+ student mobilities management created by the European Commission, as part of the Erasmus Without Papers project. The webinar, which was organised with the help of Lucia Di Cecca (AEC Council and EASY task force member) and the Conservatorio Statale Di Musica “Giuseppe Tartini” of Trieste, was attended by 63 International Relations Coordinators of EASY internal institutions. 

The webinar was mostly focused on setting up the Dashboard profiles of institutions and administrators, as well as on Online Learning Agreement (OLA) management from three points of view: the student’s, the sending institution’s and the receiving institution’s. Answers were given to numerous questions on the different features of the platform as well as on its further developments and the advocacy efforts of the AEC to adapt the platform to the HMEI’s needs. 

Furthermore, participants were asked beforehand to participate in a brief survey on the use of Dashboard they had already made. The results showed that even though the majority of the institutions were already registered on the platform (95,9%), only 58,7% of them knew how to set up their Dashboard and administrator profile and use it for managing OLAs and/or Interinstitutional Agreements (IIAs). Concerning the use of Dashboard’s two main tools, 83% of the participants had still not used it for the management of OLAs – thus preferring the EASY LAs –  while 76,6% of them had already used it for signing IIAs.  

A recording of the webinar as well as a Dashboard User Manual created by the EASY team, are available on EASY’s Manual and support material page.