AEC is currently looking for an external evaluator for the new GloCoDA project: The Global Conservatoire for a Digital Age.
GloCoDA is a two-year Strategic Partnership, co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme under its strand Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. The project is coordinated by the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen and runs from June 2021 until the end of May 2023. Not least triggered by the Covid crisis, GloCoDA aims at transforming the quality and methods of online teaching in performing arts higher education. In collaboration with outstanding partner institutions not only from Europe, but also from the USA, courses will be developed and tested that are digital by design and digital in content, enabling students to develop high level skills in digital fluency, global citizenship and cross-cultural collaboration.
An independent external evaluation of the project will be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in terms of its objectives. The evaluator shall make an overall independent assessment about the performance of the project (including structure, management, activities, outcomes and results), as well as provide recommendations for continuance and sustainability, identify key lessons and propose suggestions for possible follow‐up actions.
The candidate should have:

  • a broad knowledge of the European HME system and culture
  • experience in the evaluation of European funded projects
  • relevant experience on the matter both in terms of content and curriculum design.

Please do not hesitate to share this call among your colleagues and partner institutions.

Candidates are invited to send their CV and motivation letter by 9 July 2021 to
If you have further questions, please contact our CEO, Stefan Gies
Please do not hesitate to share this call among your colleagues and partner institutions.