The EOALAB project is a strategic partnership carried out by 7 partners of the European Opera Academy (EOA) and the AEC, which aims to develop the concept of shared education between academies and to trigger innovation in opera in Europe and beyond.

Essential project activities centre around live and physical teacher and student exchange, running six intensive study programs during which students and teachers of partner academies develop and test new ways of learning and teaching. The Corona crisis had strongly affected these critical aspects of the project. Fortunately, the project carried out many of its key activities before the crisis hit, and is developing ways to conduct also the remaining activities in blended ways.

EOALAB organised a series of “Preview Festivals”, consisting of several days of training activities in Maastricht and Vilnius, filled with workshops, panel discussions and a great number of students, teachers and audience members. In the field of language teaching in opera, the project hosted its programme “Russian Week”, while in the field of shared education the partners organised workshops and discussion around the model of shared education, during 4 days of the “Next doors festival” (Conservatorium Antwerp).

After the shock of Corona, the project reconsolidated its plans. The project’s findings and progress were presented at the AEC Annual Congress 2020. As the crisis is not over yet, the project is developing formats to conduct the remaining trainings in blended ways.

More information on the above-mentioned activities and on the project can be found in the attachment below and on the EOALAB website.