On 24 August, 2023 the PRIhME project (Stakeholder Assembly on Power Relations in Higher Music Education) was concluded with the last Multiplier Event. The event took place online and brought together around 100 participants from dozens of HMEIs. 

The Multiplier presented the results of the PRIhME project, i.e. the Recommendations adopted by four Stakeholder Assemblies and discussed them with the attendees. 

The event consisted of series of sessions and discussions centered around the main topics addressed by PRIhME, namely  power relations in HME, gender and sexual orientation, socio-economic background and disability, artistic standards and the future of conservatoires. 

The programme featured Anna Bull (University of York), Séverine Cappiello (Sturm Production), Markku Kaikkonen (Music Centre Resonaari), Keld Hosbond (Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg) as main speakers. The resolutions were presented by students participation of the Stakeholder Assemblies (Callum Jeacle from RIAM, Áine Sullivan from RIAM, Aritz Labrador from Musikene and Juan Camilo Vasques Montoya from Saint Louis College of Music).

Following an introductory speech by Deborah Kelleher, RIAM Dean and AEC President, each session was moderated by representatives of the PRIhME project: Lucia Di Cecca (PRIhME Editorial Board), Christa Brüstle (PRIhME Editorial Board), Mojca Piskor (PRIhME Editorial Board), and Karin Johansson (PRIhME Steering Committee).

Find the recording of the event here:



The 50-person PRIhME Stakeholder Assembles that included students, teachers, and administrative personnel from 9 European partner institutions, were inspired by the citizen’s assembly model and deliberative democracy, in which a small but diverse and representative sample of people affected by a theme makes inclusive recommendations and conclusions for a larger group. 

AEC and the partner’s goal was and still is to foster a safe and healthy sector in which we can train and educate creative and socially engaged performing artists through policy recommendations and examples of best practice.

The AEC wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to the partner organizations for their outstanding contributions throughout the entirety of this project:

PRIhME also collaborated with an associate partner:
Kharkiv I. P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts, Ukraine

The PRIhME and power relations will be presented prominently at the AEC annual Congress in November 2023 in The Hague. 

More on PRIHME project: https://aec-music.eu/prihme 

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