In November 2020, we have successfully completed the third year of the SMS Strengthening Music in Society project! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year was much more challenging for all of us and for advancing the work of the SMS Working Groups (WGs). Many activities of the project have been cancelled, postponed or transformed into the online format. Even though it has not been possible to hold any physical meetings since March 2020, each WG has managed to find a way to make significant progress on their findings and project outcomes.

Moreover, we are very proud of the fruitful second project Network Meeting, which has been held fully online in March 2020. The SMS project results were also disseminated during various AEC events held online (IRC, AEC Congress) and beyond.

Furthermore, one of the most visible outcomes of this year is the launch of the SMS website, which provides musicians, music students and those working in the music education sector with resources and tools. All the materials published on this website are outcomes of the SMS project. More content will be progressively uploaded during the year 4.

Last but not least, we would like to thank most sincerely: members of the Working Groups, the project team, the Steering and Content committees for their outstanding collaborative work and commitment to this project! We want to help Higher Music Education Institutions to strengthen the social relevance of music education and improve access to music education, but also strengthen the impact of music, art, culture and cultural education on society. We are looking forward to starting the final phase of the SMS project to address remaining challenges and to widely disseminate final project outcomes.