The Quodlibet #1, the first issue of the AEC’s new online and open forum for dialogue on all matters of Early Music, took place on Friday 5 March under the title “The Culturally Informed Performance (CIP) of Music". Hosted by Isaac Alonso de Molina with Peter van Heygen, the online event was attended by 54 students and teachers interested in historically and culturally informed performance.
If you missed The Quodlibet #1 you can still watch the recording and register to be up to date on the upcoming events of the Quodlibet series!

See you at the Quodlibet n.2: 
"My name is Barthold Kuijken – Ask Me Anything" – Friday 7th May, 17:00 – 18:30 CET
“Even after half a century, I'm still fascinated by the value and depth of a HIP approach to music. I'm looking forward to sharing our questions and answers.”
Forum hosted by Linde Brunmayr-Tutz (Musikhochschule Trossingen, AEC Early Music Task Force) with Barthold Kuijken.