This guide is an additional outcome of the ‘Polifonia’ Working Group (WG) 5: “Mobility: Recognition, Monitoring and Joint Degrees”, produced just after the end of the third cycle of the ‘Polifonia’ project (2011-2014). This project was jointly coordinated by the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag and the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) supported by the ERASMUS Networks programme of the European Union.
Within the framework of the project, the WG on “Mobility: Recognition, Monitoring and Joint Degrees” was responsible for promoting mobility in higher music education (HME). In order to identify the specific mobility and recognition issues that apply in European joint degrees, the WG carried out several case-studies and site-visits looking for models of good practice in the field of higher music education. This short guide aims to describe the various steps to be undertaken when designing and implementing a joint programme, as well as outline practical details that institutions have to consider when developing such a programme. The guide also contains examples of case studies to demonstrate how these steps can be achieved.
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