Supporting Ukrainian refugees

We call on all AEC member institutions to support students and staff from music education institutions in Ukraine so that the latter are able to continue their music studies and academic activities in another country without bureaucratic hurdles.

AEC condemns the flagrant violation of international law by the Russian authorities.

We feel for the Ukrainian people and especially the students and staff of our Ukrainian members and their families. We call on all AEC member institutions to support students and staff from music education institutions in Ukraine so that the latter are able to continue their music studies and academic activities in another country without bureaucratic hurdles.

In order to facilitate the communication between our member institutions and Ukrainian refugees, we are creating this webpage where Higher Music Education Institutions can publish information about how they are supporting refugees to continue their studies and academic activities.

If you can host students, researchers, staff at your institution, we ask you to submit via this form the details on how the Ukrainian refugees can benefit from these opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Submissions will be published on this same page as soon as we receive them.


Institution: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

City: Salzburg

Description: The Mozarteum University offers refugee students from Ukraine study places and places as extraordinary students in the fields of music, fine arts and theater. The fields of study are available on our homepage. The availability of places depends on our capacities. There is a contact and coordination office for these requests. Further information can be found at:
The Mozarteum University does not offer support outside of your studies. Support for basic needs is provided to refugees by public authorities in the course of registration.

Contact: /


Institution: Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles

City: Brussels

Description: The Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles is accepting refugees students based on teachers’ availability and willingness to provide classes outside the academic framework. Financial support is not provided at the moment.




Institution: Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

City: Paris

Description: With expected support from the French government, the Paris Conservatoire could host up to 5 musicians and 5 dancers. Tuition, meals on weekdays, psychological support and French language classes could be provided directly by the Conservatoire, free of charge. The Conservatoire has limited capacity and means for accommodation and daily life support, but we hope these issues will be addressed by separate programs of the French government. The exact study fields and duration of stay remain to be determined, depending on governmental policy to be announced soon.

Contact: If you can’t currently pursue your studies and would like to apply for temporary tuition at the Paris Conservatoire, please click here.

Institution: pôle Aliénor

City: Poitiers

Description: With expected support from the French government, the Pôle Aliénor could host up to 2 students in music in the city of Poitiers. The organisation of support and housing is currently discussed with the local authorities. The exact study fields and duration of stay remain to be determined, depending on teachers’ availability (strings, piano, saxophone, early music, traditional music).

Contact: Claire MICHON: / +33 5 49 60 21 79

Institution: Cefedem de Normandie

City: Mont Saint Aignan

Description: 3 to 5 students at bachelor level in musicology and/or in music teaching. Courses are in French or willing to learn French

Contact: / + 33670040936


Institution: Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire

City: Tbilisi

Description: Sharing similar history, Tbilisi State Conservatoire fully supports Ukrainian friends and colleagues and is determined to help refugees who are fleeing the war as many ways as possible:
– Immediate action: Student-refugees from Ukrainian HMEIs are able to continue studies at TSC unconditionally, skipping the internal selection procedures and directly enrolling study process during the middle of semester;
– Ukrainian HMEI students (will) have indiscriminate access to TSC facilities – including instruments, classrooms, auditoriums, library, study space etc.;
– Short term action: TSC is actively working with Georgian government to remove Georgian language requirement for Ukrainian students in order to officially proceed and enroll them to our programmes;
– Even though TSC does not have its own dormitory/student housing, it will assist and support students in finding accommodation as well.
– No passport is needed for entering to Georgia, and no passport is needed for initial enrollment to TSC courses/programmes for Ukrainian students – Ukrainian ID works fine as well.
– TSC has already sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine and it organizes several fundraising events, though there is always much more that can be done.

Contact: /


Institution: University of Music Münster (WWU Münster)

City: Münster

Description: The University of Music Münster is accepting refugees students as guest students for the summer term based on teachers’ availability. Support and housing for refugees can be provided via local authorities. Further support is planned and will be arranged upon individual necessities.

Contact: – +492518327492

Institution: Detmold University of Music

City: Detmold

Description: The Detmold University of Music is committed to help Ukrainian refugee students to continue their musical studies. We can offer practice facilities and lessons for main study subjects based on teachers’ availability. We have bachelor and master programs in singing, string instruments, woodwind, brass, percussion, harp, piano, accordion, guitar, composition, conducting, music production and more.

Contact: | +49 (0) 5231 975 770

Institution: Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

City: Hamburg

Description: HfMT Hamburg offers 30 places for guest auditor students in the fields of music and theatre, based on teacher’s availability (as of early May almost all places are filled). The students will receive individual tuition in their main subject, and can also take part in a number of other seminars, including German courses. In the course of the semester teachers will evaluate whether students would like to take the regular entrance examination for the fall term or whether other options are possible. In any case, students will receive certificates of participation for the semester, which will enable them to transfer the credits for the Hamburg courses to their home universities in Ukraine.

We provide emergency grants, alongside the financial funding which is provided by the German government. We also assist in finding housing.
Ukrainian refugees are allowed to work in Germany (a certain refugee status is needed for that, we assist students in these buerocratic matters).

If students want to apply for regular degree studies (not temporary studies) please contact us. Please see our website for application details.


Institution: Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

City: Köln

Description: HfMT Cologne would like to provide refugee students from Ukraine with access to participation in the university’s offerings in various ways.

We offer refugees the opportunity, under certain conditions, to be included in the current application process for a regular study place for the winter semester 2022/2023. This means that prospective students go through the aptitude test procedure. Admission to studies at HfMT is thus possible once the aptitude test has been passed and an admission has been granted.

The special program enables students to study in the summer semester of 2022 without passing the aptitude test. Prospective students apply with their documents and are enrolled as exchange students or guest students. The main aim here is to enable students to become integrated into the university. They can, for example, use the rooms in the main building for playing and take part in German courses.
Further offers are being considered or are in the concrete planning stage.

In addition, we also support with accommodation and with a scholarship.


Institution: University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart (HMDK Stuttgart)

City: Stuttgart

Description: HMDK Stuttgart is committed to enabling Ukrainian students to continue their music studies. HMDK offers places for Ukrainian refugee students in music and performing arts. Students get lessons in their main subjects based on teacher’s availability. Participation in seminars / lectures and German courses is possible by individual arrangement. Students are integrated into university life and can use practice facilities, library etc. at HMDK.
Students are accepted as exchanged students (non-degree-seeking). At the end of the semester, they receive a certification of attendance / transcript of records.
We provide support in finding accommodation (private accommodation, student dormitory), we offer emergency grants, and we assist in bureaucratic matters as well (e.g. Foreigners’ Registration Office, health insurance).



Institution: Royal Irish Academy of Music

City: Dublin

Description: The Royal Irish Academy of Music is ready to support a limited number of music students that are placed in the Dublin area. We can offer practice facilities and lessons for main study subjects. The Academy will not offer non-study-related support, but people who register on arrival with the Irish authorities will receive basic support from official sources.



Institution: Milan G.Verdi Conservatoire

City: Milan

Description: The Milan G.Verdi Conservatoire has reserved a limited number (+/- 10) of free places and is committed to help Ukrainian refugee Students continue their musical studies in Milan.
Requirements (if possible): letter of reference by a teacher, school documents, video/demo, copy of id document (passport). Applicants will receive a link to an evaluation questionnaire.
Students will receive a waiver for tuition fees. The International Office will help for accommodation.


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica “L. D’Annunzio”

City: Pescara

Description: At our Institution we have bachelor and master degrees in singing, strings, guitar, harp, woodwinds, brass, percussions instruments, piano, composition, conducting, Music Education, Pop and Jazz. We can host one student, offering him/her accommodation, tuition and a small grant (to be decided), until the end of the academic year.

Contact: (Head of the Institution); (IRC)

Institution: Conservatorio di musica “F. A. Bonporti”

City: Trento

Description: The “F.A. Bonporti” Conservatory of Trento and Riva del Garda has reserved a number of 20 free admissions and is committed to helping Ukrainian refugee students to continue their musical studies in Trento.
Requirements: letter of request for help, school documents, medical documents including covid19 vaccination, copy of ID card or passport.
A private dormitory and the university dormitory provide accommodation and food. Currently, the conservatory is already hosting 10 students and is in contact with 10 more students who are supposed to arrive soon.


Institution: Istituto Musicale Pareggiato della Valle d’Aosta – Conservatoire de la Vallée d’Aoste

City: Aosta

Description: We can host 3 people (either 2 students and 1 teacher or 3 students) until the end of 2022. We can provide for tuition, accommodation, meals and train tickets. As for studying and working fields, please check our website.


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica “Girolamo Frescobaldi”

City: Ferrara

Description: We could support Ukrainian refugees to continue their studies and academic activities. We cannot define the exact number of incoming students at the moment.


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica “Cesare Pollini”

City: Padova

Description: The “Cesare Pollini” Conservatory of Music in Padova is hosting 12 Ukrainian students, also offering them room and board.
The majority of the students who have arrived are singers, so we can possibly offer some additional free study places for students of all other specializations. For the moment we have run out of accommodation, but we are looking for other possibilities of hospitality.


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Nicolini

City: Piacenza

Description: At the moment we can allow 2 students and 1 teacher or 3 students to attend courses, and we are trying to find suitable accommodations within the local community, private homes as well as religious associations.


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica “A. Corelli” – Messina

City: Messina

Description: Conservatory of Messina can support 10 Ukrainian refugees to continue their studies (as students) for these classes: 2 Bassoon, 2 Oboe, 4 Cello, 1 Piano. Jazz, 1 Cembalo. We can support with free tuition. More information for accommodation and meals coming soon. Possibility will be from March 2022 to October 2023. Positions are for Ukrainian academic students (Bachelor and Master).

Contact: – +39 0906510291 (only thursday – h. 9.00 – 10.00)

Institution: Conservatorio Statale di Musica “G. P. da Palestrina”

City: Cagliari

Description: At the moment we can only offer study places in our instrument classes. We cannot provide any economical support, nor accommodation, meals and so on. We are working on that and we hope that, by the time we receive some requests, we will be able to give also some kind of practical arrangement. Our availability is:
Accordion: 2 places
Violin: 4 places
Cello: 2 places
Trumpet: 2 places
Piano: several places
Bassoon: several places
Oboe: several places

Contact: – mobile: +39 347 191191

Institution: Conservatorio Francesco Morlacchi

City: Perugia

Description: The Conservatory of Perugia can support 21 students until October 2022 for these instruments: 3 harp, 1 Clarinet,1 Composition,1 Double bass, 2 Horn, 3 Bassoon, 3 oboe, 1 Sax, 1 Trumpet, 2 Trombone, 2 Viola, 1 Violino. We can provide only free tuition. Support and housing for refugees can be provided via local authorities.


Institution: Saint Louis College of Music

City: Rome

Description: Saint Louis launches an initiative to welcome Ukrainian music students who want to continue their studies in Rome, temporarily and free of charge, starting from April and until the end of the current academic year (June 2022).
The following places are available:

– 4 students for the Jazz Department
– 2 students for the Pop-rock and Songwriting Department
– 2 students for the Electronic Music Department
– 2 students for the Composition and Applied Music Department

The students will be included in the course of the most similar level to the one attended in their institute of origin.

The courses are offered free of charge with regard to tuition, but at the moment there are no funds available for daily sustenance (expenses for accommodation, meals, transports, etc.) which are therefore pertaining to the student. The Saint Louis, moreover, does not have student residences and can therefore not guarantee accommodation, although it is activating a network of solidarity between the families of the enrolled students and is in contact with some associations that deal with reception in Rome.

Requests must be sent by email to , or by filling out the form on the webpage dedicated to the initiative, specifying instrument and musical genre, year and type of course (Bachelor or Master), Institute of origin, personal data and contact details (email and telephone) and if possible a link to a video performance.

Contact: / +39066991080

Institution: Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Pergolesi

City: Fermo

Description: We can support about 20 refugees at our institution to continue their studies. We do not have accommodation, but we are in contact with the municipality of the city of Fermo which can make housing available. Our institution will give financial support.

Contact: – 0039 3473435961

Institution: Conservatorio di Musica F. Venezze

City: Rovigo


We can offer tuition in some classes (bachelor and master level) but at the moment we do not have the possibility of hosting students for free. We are working on it.
We offer the following fields of study:

– 6 students in the Classical Department (Tuba/ Guitar/Clarinet/Double Bass/Horn/Bassoon/Flute/Piano Accompanist/Chamber vocal music/ Organ/Trumpet/Trombone/Violin/Baroque Violin)
– 4 students in the Jazz Department (Electric bass/Jazz Double Bass/Jazz piano/Jazz Trumpet and Trombone)
– 3 students in the Composition Department (Composition/ Choir conducting)


Institution: Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza “Arrigo Pedrollo”

City: Vicenza

Description: We can offer a wide range of music instruments as well as singing both at academic level (bachelor and master) and propaedeutic courses. Our Course Catalogue is available at

For your enrolment, please, see

The courses may be offered at reduced tuition costs, but at the moment we cannot support you for daily costs (accommodation, meals, transports, etc.).

At the moment, we do not have accommodation. Support and housing for refugees can be provided via local authorities.



Institution: Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

City: Riga

Description: Full-time studies, practicing rooms, all necessary facilities


The Netherlands

Institution: Conservatorium Maastricht/Zuyd University

City: Maastricht

Description: Conservatorium Maastricht is accepting refugees students based on teachers’ availability and the needs of the student. We will contact every refugee student to see what offer can be made (classes, instruments, practice rooms etc.).
Refugee students who register at the Maastricht City Counsil will be provided with housing (see general website below). We are working on possibilities for financial help, in which we also expect help soon from the national government.



Institution: University of Agder, Faculty of Fine Arts

City: Kristiansand

Description: In light of the most recent geopolitical developments, the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Agder in Kristiansand/Norway has a special offer for Ukrainian students: you can participate in our courses and get lessons from our teachers without being enrolled as an official student. This is meant to be an intermediate solution, but can also lead to an official study place, should you want to stay and apply. This application portal is open for everyone:

Contact: More general information can be found at:

If you have questions, please get in touch with Ole Thomas Grimsli: / Jørn Schau: / Cordula Hacke :


Institution: Zurich University of the Arts

City: Zurich

Description: Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) has set up a point of contact to support ZHdK students and staff from the affected region. Moreover, ZHdK offers study places for Ukrainian students in the fields of Art Education, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre and Transdisciplinarity.

Contact: Available on the webpage

Institution: Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

City: Lugano

Description: For Ukrainian refugee students we have allocated the following possibilities: 5 places for Bachelor’s or Master’s studies (university level), 5 places for Pre-College studies (high-school level), as many places as possible at our Music School (all other children) for instrumental lessons, and 15 places in one of the Music School choirs. All without paying tuition fees.
The only condition we ask is for refugees to register with Cantonal authorities and to request the “S protection status” granted by the Swiss government. The Cantonal authorities will assist refugees in finding accommodation, health insurance, and the like.



Institution: Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

City: Cardiff

Description: Wales is a nation of sanctuary for Ukrainian refugees. As the national conservatoire of Wales, we will welcome up to ten Ukrainian refugees this year where we are confident that we can fully support them to continue their studies with us. We will take these on a case by case basis, making it as easy as possible for people to apply. Our expertise includes Music, Drama, Design, Stage Management and Arts Management at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Institution: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

City: Glasgow

Description:The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, under new proposals from the Scottish Government, is welcoming applications from new and continuing students from Ukraine who have been displaced by war. Students will be eligible for free undergraduate tuition and living cost support, provided an application has been submitted to the Homes for Ukraine, Ukraine Family or the Ukraine Extension schemes.

Students can study a range of performing arts programmes across our disciplines; music, drama, dance, production, film, and education.