Job offer


• 5 year fixed term contract reporting to the Director of the RIAM (see Appendix 1 for important contract information).

• Salary – Commencing point 1 of lecturer scale (unless otherwise agreed with applicants already placed on lecturer pay scale) which is €57,282pa (Point 1) to €97,487pa (Top of Scale); (see Appendix 2 for further details).

• Holidays – annual leave of 29 days per annum to take account of RIAM closure days.

• 35 hour net working week to comprise of a balance of teaching and administration.

• Employer PRSA with 5% of gross salary minimum employee contribution and 10% of gross salary employer contribution.

• Closing date for applications: 4pm Friday 1st March 2024

• First interviews to take place: towards the end of March

• Second interviews to take place: TBC

Applications should contain a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae and should be submitted to Attachment should be one file only and saved in PDF format.

For general enquiries relating to this post please contact

Head of Keyboard Job Description

The Royal Irish Academy of Music is a national conservatoire for music in Ireland. RIAM is an associate college of Trinity College, the University of Dublin. RIAM is undergoing a period of expansion and transformation, led by a campus re-development and curriculum reform project.

The position of Faculty Head is designed to facilitate the management of each RIAM Faculty to achieve and maintain the highest possible academic, musical and professional standards.

You will therefore be key in facilitating an excellent Keyboard student and stakeholder experience across the RIAM’s four educational areas: Junior RIAM, Tertiary RIAM, RIAM Adult Division, and RIAM Exams.

You will be required to recruit and maintain home and international students as a top priority. To achieve this, working closely with the Director, you will create and facilitate a quality-focused learning environment where students can fulfil their potential by gaining relevant and adaptable knowledge and skills for both non-professional and professional music training.

You will lead and develop the RIAM Keyboard Faculty strategically and manage all assigned staff in line with RIAM policy. You will also make a significant contribution to the continuous enhancement of the Faculty through staff recruitment, retention and continuing professional development, thereby ensuring its continued academic, artistic and professional relevance.

You will initiate and maintain high-level contacts within the profession and will develop and nurture links with our key potential partner organisations and individuals (private music teachers, specialist music schools, masterclass artists, industry experts etc.)

As a member of the RIAM Board of Studies, you will help drive the academic strategy of the RIAM, in particular contributing to the successful implementation of aims and objectives in the RIAM 175 Strategy (2021-2025).

You will also be expected to contribute to the management and development of the RIAM as a whole, and will be required to uphold the highest standards of governance, probity and accountability in all aspects of your role.


Operating Environment:

The RIAM offers an exciting, varied and deeply rewarding working environment. You will operate in an academic environment, which may include venues and locations outside of RIAM’s premises.

The RIAM expects a high level of responsibility and accountability in posts that manage staff. This is a role which has a level of administrative support, but also requires the Head of Faculty to spend a considerable amount of time in team meetings, engaged in both digital and in-person communications with students and staff, and in management tasks that are outside the teaching studio or performance venue. While it is indeed possible to continue to perform and have outside musical goals, the role is a demanding one that is incompatible with a very busy performing or arts leadership outside career.

Framework and Boundaries:

You will be responsible for the implementation of all RIAM policies, ensuring that staff are aware of them and abide by them. You will monitor the implementation of such policies and be responsible for taking any necessary action arising. In particular, there is a high level of accountability for ensuring that effective health and safety practices are embedded in all aspects of the work of the faculty, and that required standards are met.


You will be required to lead and manage a team following a time of significant change within the RIAM and within the sector in Ireland. The requirement is to lead and strengthen the Faculty in terms of quality in all aspects of its operation. You will be expected to contribute to the continuous improvement of the RIAM’s management and academic management systems

Duties and Responsibilities

 In addition to the duties listed above, you will be required to:


• Treat all colleagues, students and contacts with respect and in accordance with the values of the RIAM.

• Promote and deliver excellence in services that value all staff and students.

• Participate in RIAM’s Strategic Planning development and delivery.

• Take responsibility for all Quality Assurance issues within the Faculty.

• Be responsible for the effective leadership, academic direction and line management of all staff (Part time, Full time, Visiting Artists and Teaching Assistants) in the interests of raising standards.

• In relation to the pre-college division, support the Head of Junior RIAM in fostering a positive, enthusiastic and stimulating learning environment for children; provide regular performance opportunities; recognise and nurture a special musical talent; provide junior chamber music opportunities; promote the expectation of excellence (to parents and students); encourage communication between parents and teachers in relation to practice requirements, problem areas for students, and annual progress expectations.

• Deliver principal study teaching, class teaching and coaching up to Master’s/Doctoral levels within the programme curriculum where appropriate.

• Manage defined budgets for the faculty, under the direction of the Finance Officer and Director.

• Ensure that appropriate staff development, career review and activity planning procedures are undertaken within the Keyboard Department on a continuous and regular basis.

• Contribute to the development of RIAM’s academic and administrative policies and processes.


• Be responsible for the creation and implementation of effective learning support materials such as curricula and syllabi, ensuring they are up to date with best practice.

• Promote equality and parity of opportunity in and through the curriculum.

• In collaboration with the Head of Chamber Music, ensure that the Faculty’s needs are met in the area of chamber music at both tertiary and junior levels.

• Be responsible for the adequate provision of Keyboard Faculty masterclasses, Open Days and performance opportunities.

• Contribute to content development in the RIAM Adult Division and RIAM Exams divisions as required, and manage content from your faculty in relation to same


• Be responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of the Keyboard Faculty in all of its aspects, including liaising with the Junior RIAM and Tertiary RIAM offices on admissions, auditions, allocations, timetabling, programme delivery and assessment.

• Be responsible for the following tasks associated with examinations: selection of examiners, selection of sight-reading where required, regular review of assessment requirements, ensuring that there is an agreed marking standard across all Faculties.

• Participate as a member of all designated internal and external committees as required.

• Participate in RIAM events and initiatives as required and within the scope of the role.

• Regular contact and liaison will also be required with the Head of Artistic Planning and Head of Junior RIAM in respect of performance schedules and timetabling.

• Undertake any other duties as may reasonably be required by the Director.

 Health and Safety

• As a manager to lead on health and safety at work and to ensure your own safety and that of other persons who may be affected by your work activities.

• To apply at all times best practice in health and safety. You must safeguard the health and safety of all persons affected by the work activities you supervise at any premises you have control over.

• To work in the safe manner in which you have been trained and to advise your line manager of any health and safety issues you become aware of.

• To familiarise yourself with the detail of the RIAM’s Policies and procedures and to ensure adherence.

• To engage in any mandatory Health and Safety Training as required, such as manual handling, fire safety, and Health and Safety Induction.

Use of equipment and other appliances

• To take fullest care in handling, operation and safeguarding of any equipment, vehicles or appliance, used or issued by the RIAM or provided or issued by a third party for individual or collective use in the performance of your duties.

Personal Development

• To continuously enhance best practice in your area, undertaking training and Continuous Professional Development as appropriate.

Information Technology

• To implement security measures to protect against unauthorised access to, alteration or disclosure of information held on computer and to ensure adherence to the principles of the Data Protection Act and appropriate IT policies and procedures.

• To undertake any training in the operation of new technologies and associated systems as required.

Person Specification

Although the under-mentioned qualifications are desirable, equivalent skills and experience may be deemed equally acceptable.


• A postgraduate degree level qualification or equivalent professional experience in an appropriate and relevant subject


• An international professional profile as a performing artist or arts leader

• A track record of excellence in teaching in the conservatoire setting or similar specialist experience in the music profession

• A track record of success in Bachelor, Master or Doctorate level student recruitment and/or professional musician recruitment

• Experience in a leadership role, and track record for visionary leadership

• Experience of managing teams and budgets

• Excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

• Experience of academic programme management and curriculum development

Knowledge and Skills:

• A deep and applied knowledge of contemporary professional practice in performance and contemporary teaching methods in a conservatoire environment

• Demonstrable knowledge of the national and international cultural landscape

• Demonstrable knowledge of the music education sector

• Extensive knowledge of the specialist subject area

• Knowledge of Quality Assurance systems in Higher Education

• Proven ability to deal with complex issues, with excellent interpersonal, communication and influencing skills

Interview information

In the first interview, shortlisted candidates will be asked to give a presentation on a project/aspect of their role which involved leading a team to achieve a defined outcome. Please explain what the project was, the challenges you faced along the way, your approach to team leadership, the outcome of the project, and what you learned. Please then explain how you would use this approach in the Head of Keyboard role at RIAM.

The time limit is 15 minutes for the presentation (verbal presentation with accompanying power point slide deck).

The second interview will involve a more open ended discussion on RIAM’s 5 year strategy (2021-2025).

RIAM 175 Strategy

RIAM Staff Recruitment Policy

Appendix 1

This is a fixed-term contract with a duration of 5 years. At the conclusion of the 5-year fixed period, the employee will have the opportunity to reapply for the Head of Faculty role. Successful reapplication will result in the transition to a contract of indefinite duration.

Internal applicants will be considered for this 5-year fixed-term role on an "acting up" basis. Upon completion of the fixed term, they will revert to their original contract of employment. The internal applicant will remain eligible to reapply for the Head of Faculty role. If successful, the contract will then become one of indefinite duration.

The objective aim of the offer of a fixed-term contract for RIAM Head of Faculty Roles is to promote continued opportunities for promotion within the existing faculty, foster innovation in the role, and support diversity in recruitment.

The employee acknowledges and accepts the objective grounds, understanding that the contract offered is strictly on a fixed-term basis with no guarantee of ongoing employment for new entrants.

Appendix 2

RIAM Lecturer pay scales as at 01/10/2023. Please note pay scales may be adjusted from time to time in line with relevant government circulars. Appointment is made at the minimum of the scale unless applicant is already linked to a lecturer pay scale, when the existing point on scale will be matched.

     New Entrants

Lecturer 1 €63,517 €57,282

  2 €66,442 €59,914

  3 €76,638 €63,518

  4 €79,310 €66,442

  5 €82,009 €76,640

  6 €84,719 €79,233

  7 €87,444 €81,830

  8 €90,149 €84,439

  9 €92,852 €87,062

  10 €95,568 €89,664

  11 €98,278 €92,266

  12 €94,880

  13 €97,487


Head of Piano and Keyboard Instruments
Job type
Full time
Minimal education
Experience level
Senior level
Language requirements
Working language(s)


Deadline for application
01 Mar, 2024
Start date
02 Sep, 2024


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