“CHANGING PERSPECTIVES – Imagine new traditions”


Participation fees can be paid in the following ways:

– Manual Payment by Bank Transfer before the event (preferable)

– Ideal, Credit Card, Paypal and Bankcontact Systems Online at the end of the registration process

– Payment by card on the spot in Lyon

Participation Categories

1) In – Person Participation in Lyon

In presence attendance in Lyon (1 pax) STAFF from AEC member institution – 250€

In presence attendance in Lyon (1 pax) STUDENT from AEC member institution – 150€

In presence attendance in Lyon (1 pax) from NON-AEC member institution – 450€

2) Online Participation – group fee

Online attendance – up to 3 pax from an AEC member institution (individual registration required) – 150€

Online attendance – up to 3 pax from an NON-AEC member institution (individual registration required) – 450€

Please note that:

– In presence and Online participation can be combined: each institution can send representatives in-person in Lyon and purchase online packages for other representatives following the Annual Congress and General Assembly remotely.

– Max. 2 people per institution can come to Lyon and more packages of 3 online participants can be purchased by the same institution

IMPORTANT: all participants (regardless the online or in-person participation) need to register individually by the deadline of 19 September.

NB: If travel or gathering restrictions will make it impossible to organise a presential event in Lyon, the in-person participation will be automatically converted in an online one and 2 more representatives of the same institutions will be able to register to the event covered by the same fee.

Bank details for payments

BNP Paribas Fortis

Account Holder AEC-Music

IBAN: BE47 0016 8894 2980


When making the transfer, please clearly quote: Code of the event (Congress 2022)

Online / Presence

Name of your institution (if fitting)

Example: AEC Congress 2022, Presence, Gotham Conservatory