For the 50th AEC Annual Congress and General Assembly 2023, AEC has received support from 4 organisations:


ASIMUT is the first and only system that was made for planning education in the fine arts. By combining room booking, scheduling and event management in a single system, it will reduce the complexity of your organisation and will be a true time saver for students, teachers and staff.


With Nkoda you can find, organise, and annotate sheet music from the world’s leading publishers. It’s simple to study, teach, and perform with unlimited access to scores and performance materials – all easily accessible in one app.


EarMaster is the leading app for ear training, sight-singing practice, and rhythm training, used by some of the best music schools and developed in close partnership with recognised music teachers. It will help your students become complete musicians and give your teachers a strong tool to support them in doing so.

Get the most advanced solution to manage application processes in your education institution.
The leading platform to manage application processes in music institutions since 2010, has been developed and adapted to cover the specific needs of conservatories, music academies and Musikhochschulen. Manage your studies, teaching positions, competitions, scholarships and masterclasses with




At their booths: Nkoda, ASIMUT, and EarMaster

At their info sessions:

  • Nkoda:  on Friday at 11:30-12:00

  • ASIMUT: on Friday at 16:00-16:30

  • Muvac: on Saturday at 16:30-17:00