The ELIA Academy, co-hosted by Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, and State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart, showcases innovative teaching and learning practices in higher arts education and bring together lecturers and students from Europe and beyond.

The ELIA Academy will be a truly multidisciplinary conference, also thanks to ELIA’s collaboration with AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen).

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The theme of the 9th ELIA Academy is digitalisation. Many students (and teachers) are embracing new forms of digital arts and digital practices — these new, blended practices stretch our conceptions of creativity. This topic offers the chance to debate, analyse and reflect on the challenges and opportunities across all artistic disciplines and teaching approaches.

In addition to keynote speeches, the programme will feature interactive presentations focused on a number of common keywords, each connected to a specific aspect of digitalisation. Delegates will be able to navigate their own digital path through the Academy by exploring one or several of the following topics:

  • Emotional experience / immersion
  • Critical attention / scepticism
  • Societal impact
  • Developing digital pedagogies
  • Digital fluencies
  • Research / methodologies
  • Storytelling / narrative
  • History / foundations / roots