General Information

A.V. Nezhdanova ONMA works with the world’s leading universities, institutions, organizations and foundations. Academy implements many joint international educational, creative and scientific projects and participates in ERASMUS+ academic exchange program.

The areas of teaching and educational processes are: Piano, organ; Orchestral String Instruments; Orchestral wind and percussion instruments; Folk instruments; Singing; Choral conducting; Opera and symphony conducting; Musicology; Composition; Cultural Studies.

Exchange and advancement of best Ukrainian and international practices and scientific and cultural heritage is a priority for the Odessa National A.V. Nezhdanova of Music.

The advent of a global environment, variety of international and European programs and new technological capabilities have created a more integrated world, new challenges for higher education institutions and influenced the strategies of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The Academy has developed and is implementing an Internationalization Strategy to prepare students to become productive members of global society, and equip them with globally competitive knowledge and skills. Activities include creation and development of an internationalized curriculum, cooperation with the world’s leading music universities, participation in international mobility programs, such as ERASMUS +.