General Information

With 35 years experience in teaching jazz and contemporary music and hundreds of professional musicians formed in our classrooms, Música Creativa understands that real musicianship comes not only with individual practice and hard work but also with interaction and live experience. For this reason and in line with our methodology, our students start to make music together from day one: playing in groups, improvising, writing music and arranging as well as experiment with DAWS and new technologies. All our subjects are designed to integrate and converge into one common target for each of our students: creating a strong individual portfolio and develop a unique music identity.
The Centro Superior Música Creativa became officially recognized as Higher Music Education Institution only in 2016, opening for the first time in Madrid a higher education itinerary to study a degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance. Even though the pre-college school Música Creativa has been strongly established in Madrid for many years (currently there are more than 1000 students inscribed), the Higher Music Education School is still relatively new and therefore still quite reduced in terms of numbers (we have 54 students for this academic year). We are developing fast as we cover a strong demand regarding Jazz Music Superior Education not yet offered in other superior conservatories in Madrid. In 2019 we will open our second study programme in Composition and we hope to start our internationalization process as we have also applied for the ECHE recognition to start with Erasmus exchanges.
The school is located in the heart of an artistic and multi-cultural neighborhood right in city centre of Madrid, where students have the chance of performing and networking throughout the diverse venues with whom we collaborate.  Our Teaching staff is composed by active musicians with an international curriculum and a great vocation for teaching and transmitting passion. In addition, Música Creativa organizes regular face to face events called MTA (Meet the Artist), where students can be inspired by some of the finest international artists around, as well as taking individual classes with our invited professors from the best institutions worldwide.
Our aim is to train students by giving them the necessary tools to explore their own creativity, bringing together tradition with new tendencies and opening doors for them so that they have no limitations when shaping their professional artistic identity.