General Information

The College of Music, Mahidol University was established with an aim to produce music students of high quality, with good taste and with a social conscience.  Such aims are reflected in all components that make up the college; the curriculum, buildings, and activities organized by the college etc.  From its establishment to the present, the College has expanded, developed and progressed in all aspects, from teaching quality, number of students, buildings, social and international missions. The College retains huge potential for future expansion.

The progress of the College of Music is the proof of the development in quality of all involved parties. The future of the College of Music is therefore not about the future of a music college, but about the future of a musical utopia in a borderless world.

The first music school in Thailand to offer programs of study ranging from the high-school to doctoral level, College of Music now has over 129 full-time faculty at Salaya campus, serving over 1,300 students.  The College comprises of ten buildings, including ongoing construction of the South East Asia Music Museum.