General Information

CPM Music Institute
Since 1984 the CPM Institute is the reference training point of the Italian music scene: since 2016 it is also Institute of Higher Education, authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) for the issuance of the First Level Academic Diploma in Popular Music.
Music and profession, research and innovation, collaboration with other institutions, projects to support hardship and discomfort, events and shows, prestigious partnerships and top performances on the market.
Founded in 1984, CPM is the school that has completely changed the Italian educational culture in the field of contemporary popular music. Thanks to its peculiarity to interpret the needs of the present, it is today one of the most important music schools in Italy and in Europe. Every year the CPM opens its classrooms to over 450 young music promises, offering more than 400 courses that train professionals of the entire musical industry: instrumentalists, singers, technicians, arrangers, lyrics’ authors, music journalists, sound engineers, speakers, teachers. Their educational training is permanently entrusted to more than 80 of the best musicians of national and international fame who use clear and effective teaching, as well as to other great professionals who are given classes to teach as visiting professors. The quality achieved allows a multidisciplinary educational training consisting of lessons, workshops, meetings with musicians, companies and market operators, seminars, casting and lots, lots of practice on stage and rehearsal in the recording studios. This is why in CPM you can turn into reality the dream of making your passion become a real profession.
Since 2016, the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) has recognized the CPM as an Institute of Higher Education.
Students who choose to follow the AFAM (High Artistic, Musical and Coreutic Training) Triennium will obtain the First Level Academic Diploma in Popular Music, the equivalent of a 6th Level of EQF.
The educational system is based on Study Courses: AFAM, BAC, Diploma, Certificate, Basic, Junior, Individuals and Masters.
The Courses are characterized by the total amount of hours formed by the main and complementary subject Students can personalize their Course according to the result of the audition.
The Study Plan includes two Open Weeks, the Creamusica Laboratory, tutoring lessons and free study rooms.

May 16, 2017 - With reference to the application submitted pursuant to Article 11 of Presidential Decree 212/2005, with DM prot. n. 279 of 16 May 2017, the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) authorizes the CPM Singing and Instrument Courses and the issue of the relevant First Level Academic Diplomas, equivalent to the 6th EQF level.
2006 Milan, Teatro della Scala - Longobard Seal. Franco Mussida withdraws the Longobard Seal, awarded by the Lombardy Region to personalities of art, politics and solidarity, for work done in the social and educational field
2005 Milan, Dal Verme Theater - Ambrogino d'Oro. The City of Milan attributes to the CPM the Certificate of Merit, with the following motivations expressed by the then Mayor Gabriele Albertini: "Not just a school of music, but a real project of human growth. For over twenty years the Music Profession Center, promoted by Franco Mussida, tracks paths where art meets solidarity [...] Designed for young talents, the school has been able to go beyond its musical objectives, actively contributing to the civic maturation of Milan people’s generations ".
The current legislation in the Italian school system does not provide for educational equation between external Institutes and Conservatories, nevertheless
the CPM Music Institute has received the following certifications:
Franco Mussida
Founder and President
Franco Mussida, Founder and President of the CPM, was also one of the founders and soul of the PFM Band. Composer and one of the most important Italian guitarists he considers Music one of the highest forms of communication. His contribution was fundamental for the creation of a complex structure, on several levels in the fields of teaching, in musical publishing as well as in research on music as a support for emotional distress.
Protagonist in the field of arts, author of essays and publications, he brings his personal vision of Music (with a capital M!) within the teaching to train musicians to become more and more aware.

AFAM - High Artistic, Musical and Coreutic Training
The First Level Academic Triennium in Popular Music, recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), issues a qualification equivalent to the three-year Degree (6th level EQF) recognized in Italy and in all European countries.
The teaching is comparable to the Bachelor Course, characterized by being multi-teaching, with courses taught by teachers specialized in each subject. To complete the specific training for Singing and for each instrument, there are laboratories of video writing, music, acoustics and musical improvisation.
The total annual number of hours is between 467 and 500 hours and spread over 3 years.
Attendance is compulsory and lesson days go from Monday to Friday, with the possibility of attending the Course also part-time.
BAC – Best Access Conteporary Styles
The CPM is the first Institute in Italy to have full-time courses with a multidisciplinary system.
The total annual number of hours is between 350 and 500 hours and develops over 3 years. It is also possible to add extra-curricular subjects. The completion of the first year BAC entitles students to enroll in the first year AFAM, without having to take the admission exam.
DIP - Diploma
For 30 years it has been the Professional Course for all instruments for singing and production. A three-year course, on a weekly basis. The total annual number of hours is between 250 and 270 hours, with the possibility of adding extra curricular subjects.
CER - Certificate
A 3-year Course of instrumental technique that requires a basic technical, theoretical and musical preparation.

The principles of the CPM
1. To believe in oneself and in one’s own abilities.
2. To acquire a technical and cultural baggage of excellence so to get involved in the professional life.
3. To consider the technique a Means, not an End.
4. To have the courage to create, with the inherent humility of those who never feel complete.
• 2,500 square meters dedicated to Music:
• 23 classrooms equipped for each instrument
• 3 multimedia labs with PCs and Macs available
• 4 large rooms for ensemble music and group rehearsals
• 2 interconnected A and B recording studios
• 1 Portable recording station
• 3 fixed internet stations + free WiFi
• 1 Studio of editing and directing Live Streaming
• 1 theater with stage, lighting and video for filming
• 1 Library with an online consultable catalogue of more than 1000 titles
• 1 equipped kitchen
• 2 dining rooms
• 5 Relaxation spaces
Study rooms and practice rooms available free of charge for all students.
Free study rooms, daily available to all students , from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm. A simple online booking can save you and your group the rent of the rehearsal room. CPM is the only music school in Milan to

have an internal 250 square meter theater equipped with a stage, lights and a dressing room, wired with the audio/video and streaming department. On this stage the theses of the AFAM and Bachelor paths are discussed, the students organise shows and performances, they compare themselves with the most important Italian and international artists of all genres, styles and instruments, attending seminars, workshops and master classes.
In the theater there are also castings, conventions and live events, programs and live videos of in-depth analysis. This space is also used in collaboration with large companies in the music market, promoters, record companies, radio networks, public and private television, institutions and private organizations.
Recording studios
The CPM has 2 professional recording studios with combined use of analog and digital technology, excellent sound rendering and constant technical support. Considering the interdisciplinary work of the training courses, both studies are used by students of all courses, from Creamusica and Open Week production teams.
Technical equipment and excellent acoustics make it an ideal place for highly professional productions. The direction is connected with 4 shooting rooms including the Theater. Here the practical lessons of the Pro-Audio Engineer, Writing & Production and Game Audio courses are held.
Mainly used for editing and post production. Here are made the recordings for the radio programmes in the EcorNaturaSì store , and photo sets and video shooting sets are prepared.
It allows to perform recordings on the field, even complex ones, which foresee different channels, with a flexibility equal or superior to a conventional mixer.

The "Library Maria Orlandi” is meant to be a multi-purpose place of study. Students may find books of all kinds and deal with a useful innovative Teaching. All Rules & Information for obtaining training credits forthose enrolled in AFAM courses, are posted on the bulletin board of the Library.
Eating together is an opportunity to get to know each other.
In CPM it also means an opportunity to boost all students with food education, respect for the environment and for the common areas.
The kitchen is equipped with crockery and cutlery, accessories, appliances, induction hob, electric oven, sink and everything you may find in everyone’s kitchen at home, available to all staff and students. It is also provided with organic seasonings and a strict separate collection of the garbage is carried out.
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