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Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) focuses on discovering talented individuals and nurturing them with professionalism and expertise, with the goal to foster them into professional artists. Each course is designed to aid students in improving their knowledge, skills, and creativity; classes are conducted to help students engage with each individual discipline. 

Further, hands-on experiences such as one-on-one lessons, group discussions, practical workshops, joint productions, and field training are deeply embedded through the curriculum. 

We have six schools - School of Music; School of Drama; School of Film, TV & Multimedia; School of Dance; School of Visual Arts; and School of Korean Traditional Arts. 

The School of Music, established in 1993, is the nation's only conservatory specializing in performance, aiming to nurture world-class musicians. 

- Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Composition, Conducting, Musicology, Music Technology

The School of Drama fosters drama creators who consider the theatre both a start and endpoint of all forms of performing arts. 

- Acting, Playwriting, Stage Design, Directing, Theatre Studies, Musical Theatre Writing Program

The School of Film, TV & Multimedia, South Korea's first national educational institution in media arts, offers students with the opportunity to produce creative media arts in the dynamics of the fast-paced media industry. 

- Filmmaking, Broadcasting, Multimedia, Animation, Cinema Studies

The School of Dance aims to be the center of world-class higher dance education that nurtures creative and professional dancers firmly based on performance, creativity, and theory. 

- Dance Performance (Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Korean Dance), Choreography, Dance Theory, Arts Management

The School of Visual Arts builds and reorganizes a new art educational model based on progressive integrative thinking, overcoming conventional arts education categorized by genre or media. 

- Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Art Theory

The School of Korean Traditional Arts nurtures talent in the traditional arts who respond to a new era, functioning as a repository for archetypes of Korean traditional performing arts. 

- Korean Traditional Music, Korean Traditional Dance, Korean Traditional Dramatic Performing Arts, Korean Traditional music Composition, Korean Traditional Arts Theory

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