General Information

The origins of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music (LNHCM) go back to 1910 when Wadih Sabra (the composer of the Lebanese National Anthem) founded the Institute of Lebanese Music (Dar Al Mousiqa Al Loubnania) which became in 1929 the National Conservatory of Music. Today, the LNHCM is a precollegiate institution of music education that has more than 5000 enrolled students in fourteen branches across Lebanon. 

The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1999 and attached to the LNHCM and in 2010 it was renamed the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra. In July 2000, the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music was founded and was also attached to the LNHCM.

The LNHCM is currently engaged in the process of developing the necessary administrative, logistical, and academic structures to become an accredited institution of higher learning.