General Information

The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) is an internationally recognized higher education institution which trains artists for a professional career in music, theatre, dance and film. Specializing in art education, the Academy also offers the didactics of art disciplines, art management and art research studies which combined with artistic and creative practice makes the Academy’s profile distinguished. Student-centered teaching and learning, research and artistic research, artistic practice in creation, performance, improvisation and collaboration with creative industries shifts the Academy towards open innovation and constant development.
The LMTA offers music tuition by Lithuania’s leading musicians, composers and musicologists in a performance-based, creative and research environment. Our 240-credit, four-year bachelor, 120-credit, two-year year master and four-year doctoral studies in arts give all the opportunities for talented people to master their abilities to the highest possible level.
During bachelor’s studies students learn how to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes artisticly and creatively. Master’s studies help students develop distinquished and individual artistic expression, provide knowledge about practice based research, and lead to independent study. Doctoral studies are designed for emerging artists and researchers who will be able to influence and shape the future of culture.
Degree studies in music include Music Performance, Composition, Sound Directing, Musical Folklore, and music related studies Music Theory & Criticism and Music Therapy (master‘s studies only). There are several specializations of composition: academic composition (bachelor‘s and master‘s studies), digital production (bachelor‘s studies), and digital composition (master‘s studies).
Music performance studies range from early to contemporary music. One can choose from the orchestral instruments, keyboard (piano, organ, harpsichord), accordion, guitar, folk, jazz instruments, singing (classical and jazz) or conducting (choir, military band and symphony orchestra) as a music study major.

Cooperation with about 130 partner institutions in Europe and overseas strengthen LMTA international connections. Academy‘s events calendar includes each year more than 400 concerts, theatre and opera productions, film screenings, open lectures and workshops, creative and research laboratories, discussion forums. All events are public.

Founded in 1933, LMTA currently trains about 900 students in 40 art disciplines and is located in the capital city of Vilnius, whose Old Town has been designated by UNESCO as a historical World Heritage Site.