General Information

The Lemmens campus is located in green surroundings on the outskirts of Leuven, a university town since 1425. Our vibrant campus houses more than 500 students and approximately  100 professors. The school has a rich infrastructure. The Lemmens campus offers academic bachelor and master degree programmes in music and drama. Our courses include drama, music education, music therapy, conducting, composition, jazz, instrument/vocal studies, teacher training and advanced master of music.
The combination of an artistic and educational approach, leads to a collaboration with many professional partners, especially our neighbor university KU Leuven and a variety of international partners.
Under the impulse of the Belgian bishops in Mechelen, in 1879, the Lemmens Institute was established as a school for church music. Campus Lemmens gradually grew into an art college within the KU Leuven Association and has been part of LUCA School of Arts since 2012. Thanks to the rich heritage from the past, she keeps her finger on the artistic and socio-cultural pulse and resolutely opts for an innovative and future- oriented educational vision today.