General Information

The Municipal Conservatory of Pylaia-Hortiatis is a recognized musical institution established by the decision of the Minister of Culture No. 1091/12.07.2012 (Government Gazette 2192/B'/ 24.07.2012), and concerns the Conservatory housed in Panorama and with the No. 788/13.06.2016 (Government Gazette 1865/B'/2016) decision of the Minister of Culture, concerning the Annex of the Conservatory
housed in Pylaia.

Its operation is administratively subordinated to the Legal Entity of Private Law of the Public Benefit Corporation for Culture, Sports and Environment (K.E.P.A.P.) of the Municipality of Pylaia-Hortiatis.
As a N.P.I.D. is governed by the relevant provisions of the Code of Municipalities and Communities in force at the time.
As a musical institution is governed by the legislation on Conservatories and regulated by the provisions of B.D. 16/66 "On the establishment of private musical institutions", the Law 299/76 "On the regulation of issues, concerning the regulation of the operation of private musical institutions and the 11-11-57 B. D. (Government Gazette 229/T. A/1957) "On the ratification of the rules of procedure of the Conservatory of Thessaloniki", and any other relevant law or decision of the Ministry of Culture, as in force at the time.