General Information

The Orpheus Institute is an international centre of excellence with its primary focus on artistic research in music: "research embedded in musical practice and primarily guided by artistic objectives." 

The Orpheus Institute engages
  • an international team of senior, doctoral and visiting musician-researchers
  • producing and promoting high quality research into music
  • in a dedicated educational and research environment
  • generating new knowledge in-and-through musical practice
  • keeping the artist’s perspective as the starting point for research
We host the docARTES programme for practice-based doctoral study in music, and the Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM], home to around 15 artist-researchers involved in advanced research. The close link between education and research within our facilities creates an inspiring environment where artists can experiment, exchange ideas and develop new knowledge.

Throughout our activities there is a clear focus on the development of a new research discipline in the arts, addressing trending questions and topics at the heart of musical practice. To promote and disseminate this knowledge, the Orpheus Institute organises seminars, study days, workshops, an annual Academy and a Research Festival. Next to that, the Orpheus Institute also has its own publication series.

All these aspects have made the Orpheus Institute what it is today: an influential driving force for new developments in artistic research and artistic practice, with an impact that is felt worldwide.