General Information

Rhythmic contemporary music is a creative and performative art form that builds upon a solid foundation of professional and cultural traditions. At RMC, rhythmic contemporary music means openness, curiosity, diversity and a critical position.

In addition to providing music education at the highest level, RMC also operates research and development projects in the Conservatory’s core areas. The Conservatory also helps to promote musical culture in Denmark in general, and acts as a meeting-point for all of the stakeholders in the music industry. RMC provides a framework for a diverse range of public artist meetings, concerts, seminars, conferences and symposia.

RMC is located in Holmen in Copenhagen, amid beautiful waterside surroundings, and in the heart of a vibrant artistic educational community that also includes the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools for Architecture, Design and Conservation, the National Film School of Denmark and the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

The Conservatory’s unique physical setting offers all the facilities one would expect of a modern academy of music of the highest international standard.
RMC's vision statement 2019-22

RMC is a pioneer in the study, practice and development of contemporary music.

At RMC, students and staff thrive in a creative atmosphere of inspiring exchange and inventive inquiry.

RMC educates future innovators in music who enrich artistic and cultural experience in the world.

Informed by deep knowledge and upon a foundation of highly developed skills, graduates install themselves in society and actualize potentials in a wide network of relations, both locally and globally.
The School

RMC is a Danish institution for higher education in music. RMC was founded in 1986 as the first music academy in Europe to specialize in contemporary music in the field of rock, pop, urban, electronica, jazz and so forth. RMC is an educational institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture and works on a non-commercial basis.

Our alumni are widely acclaimed artists and business professionals in the music industry. With only 200 student places in total we admit only the very talented. Once accepted students will have full access to state-of-the-art facilities and a faculty of teachers who are all experienced and active professionals in their field.
Curriculum concepts

We aim to educate music professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the increasing demands of the contemporary music industry. Our curriculum provides the students with ample opportunity to hone their skills in composing, performing, producing and communicating music within their individual field of interest.

The school offers a modern take on education allowing you to shape your studies according to your wishes and incorporating studies at other educational institutions in Denmark or abroad, internships or the like. More than that, the school offers a lively study environment and state of the art study facilities.
National and international cooperation

RMC has a close-knit cooperation with national and international music industry partners, venues, festivals, music academies and art schools.