General Information

Founded in 1976, Saint Louis is among the most renowned music didactic realities of European scope, attended by over 1.800 students per year, coming from all Nations. It vaunts a steady educating staff made up of 120 tutors of National and international repute, chaired by M° Stefano Mastruzzi.
It is the first and only Music High Education Institution in Italy to be acknowledged by the Ministry for Education, University and Research to issue Bachelor and Master Degrees (1st and 2nd cycle degrees).
Bachelor degree (1st cycle, three years) in Jazz, Popular Music, Sound Engineer, Electronic Music Composer, Film Scoring
- Master degree (2nd cycle, two years) in Jazz Composition and Arranging
- Saint Louis was recently acknowledged to release 6 brand new 2nd cycle Masters (1 year) in: Big Band, Sonic Arts, Contemporary Popular music, Film-scoring, Contemporary Jazz (in collaboration with Fondazione Siena Jazz), Music Business & Management