General Information

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is specialised in the training of musicians and professionals in the field of classical music. The Academy combines traditional musicianship with a modern Danish approach to learning that enables students to achieve performance excellence as well as individual artistic expression. Each student’s talent and potential are developed through a close collaboration between the student and faculty in a supportive and inclusive teaching environment that is attentive to the student’s individual needs and aspirations.

Equally important is the opportunity for performance experience. The Academy maintains its own full symphony orchestra alongside specialised chamber ensembles and continuously run both large and small projects, festivals, concerts and collaborations with local and international artists and organisations. As an integral part of the classical music scene in Copenhagen, the Academy also cooperates with important established national actors in music.

Since its foundation in 1867, The Royal Danish Academy has educated students for professional careers in classical music. Today, the Academy still provides students with the skills they need to succeed but also aims to foresee and shape the future of classical music.

Visit the Academy’s website for information on study programmes.
The Royal Danish Academy of Music sustains an extensive international network including strong partnerships with some of the leading music academies across the globe, particularly in Europe, China and the United States. Students at the Academy are regularly invited to participate in masterclasses with internationally renowned artists and educators that bring insight into the global classical music scene. Being a forerunner in Distance Learning activities, the Academy also provides unique opportunities for direct access to teachers at academies in other parts of the world.
The Academy’s strong ties to the global classical music scene are reflected in its diverse student body that is comprised of more than forty different nationalities. The international student environment is of great value strengthening intercultural skills and as a future professional network preparing students for the global labour market in classical music. With the Academy as the centre of their daily lives, students have a strong sense of community characterised by friendly competition, mutual inspiration and support.

Because of the Academy’s international profile, most study programmes, as well as all student information and services, are available in English including student counselling. The International Office is always ready to assist students throughout their studies. You can write to the International Office here:
The Royal Danish Academy of Music is housed in iconic architecture designated National Cultural Heritage and is designed specifically for performance and recording. With its own large and small concert halls, recording studios, music library, Distance Learning and IT labs, the Academy offers unique facilities in historic surroundings. In addition, practise rooms are easily available to students every day from morning until midnight and can be booked through an online system.

The Academy is located in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark in southern Scandinavia. Copenhagen and its suburbs are student friendly and safe with the majority of its population speaking English. The city is often voted one of the most liveable cities in the world and has a rich cultural life. Situated in the heart of the city, the Academy has easy access to Copenhagen's extensive public transportation making it easy to get around and travel to the airport.

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