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1st Cycle – Bachelor - Jazz and Modern Music Program

Scientific Coordinator

Head of the Jazz and Modern Music Department

Massimo Cavalli [e-mail: • phone: +351 933 012 807]

About this course

The undergraduate program in Jazz and Modern Music aims to deliver a high-level education centering on the development of high standards of technique and musicianship in jazz and modern music performance and composition. Our teachers are some of the most influential jazz and modern music artists in Portugal. Regular masterclasses, seminars and our Lusíada Jazz Fest, offer students the chance to work with some of the finest jazz players in the world.

Study cycle’s generic objectives:

We offer to our students a theoretical, technical and methodological training in the professional areas, with a high level of qualitative artistic formation that enables the development of different fields of knowledge related to a broad range of music styles. In Jazz and Modern Music department we support students to thrive in the profession and to find their voice which will speak across their improvising, composing and arranging work.

Admission tests (entrance requirements):

History or History of Culture and Arts or Portuguese or English or Portuguese Literature or Mathematic (for Portuguese students, for foreign students please get in touch with the students help desk or with the head of the jazz department).


For applying to the undergraduate program in Jazz and Modern Music the candidate should:

· Application

After the application and before the final approval, the candidate should realize an entrance test (prova de aferição) where he or she will be evaluated by a panel of teachers. Technical and instrumental skills, basic knowledge of music, harmony, ear training and sight-reading will be evaluated. The duration of the entrance test will be around 20 minutes. If the result will be “satisfactory” the application will be approved.

· Entrance Test (contents)

1- Interpretation of a jazz standard (candidate choice)

a- The standard could be played a “solo” (melody, improvisation and comping) or using a play-a-long (mp3, Cd or others) or with musicians that the candidate should provide.

2- Basic knowledge of Music

a- Rhythmic, melodic and harmonic sight-reading.

b- Basics of harmony and ear training.

· The candidates should bring with them two copies of the theme (for the panel).

· The singers (candidates) could choose a theme with or without lyrics and should bring their personal microphone and cable.

· Drummers should know basics about rudiments, swing, latin and bossa nova rhythms and should bring sticks and brushes.

· Entrance exams calendar (2021-2022):


Massimo Cavalli: Head of Jazz and Modern Music Department, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Introduction to the study of Popular Music, Ensemble, Recital and Advanced Improvisation.

Vasco Mendonça: Ear Training, Harmony, Jazz Choir and Composition and Arrangement.

Joana Machado: Voice, Ear Training and Ensemble.

Desidério Lázaro: Saxophone, Clarinet, Ensemble and Advanced Improvisation.

Nuno Costa: Guitar.

Mário Delgado: Guitar.

Alexandre Diniz: Piano, Keyboards and Ensemble.

Jorge Moniz: Drums and History of Jazz.

Moisés Fernandes: Trumpet and Ensemble.

João Barradas: Accordion and Ensemble.

Rui Cabral Lopes: History of Western Music and Musical Cultures of the World.

Career prospects:

The alumni of the undergraduate program in Jazz and Modern Music are prepared to be top level player, session musicians, solo artists, music critics, composer and arrangers in jazz and modern music field. Most of our former students continue their studies in the 2nd cycle of music studies or in other fields, some of them became accomplished teachers in public and private institutions.


1st year

· 5 photos

· Vaccinations and tetanus vaccine

· Medical certificate proving that you do not suffer from infectious diseases

Other years:

· 1 photo

· Vaccinations and tetanus vaccine

· Passport or citizen card

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For further information about admissions:

Tina Matos Ferreira

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