General Information

The Faculty of Fine Arts provides teaching, research and artistic development of high national and international quality.

The faculty is organised into three departments:

· Department of Classical Music and Music Education

· Department of Popular Music

· Department of Visual Arts and Drama

The faculty offers study programmes in classical music, music education, popular music, fine arts, arts and crafts and drama education.  The faculty stresses the importance of creative artistic work. In addition the faculty offers a PhD programme.

Research activities at the Faculty of Fine Arts are connected to artistic performance, and the faculty’s academic staff is uniquely qualified with both artistic and academic skills. Artistic performance is the key focus area for many staff members; others have strong expertise in didactics and education.

Students and staff have access to a brand new concert hall, rehearsal rooms and music studios, and to modern and well-equipped workshops and production facilities for concerts, masterclasses, arts and crafts, and theatre production.