General Information

University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) With more than 2,300 students in Graz and Oberschützen, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) is an internationally renowned place of education - 17 institutes, 2 doctoral schools a Centre for Gender Studies offer highly qualified training for artistic and scientific professions. Owing to its geographic situation it knows to combine perfectly Austrian tradition in music and performing arts with the creative potential of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. With its consequently realized leitmotif, i.e. "Open for the New by Tradition", its focus on contemporary arts and its really unique living symbiosis between the arts and science, KUG has been able to shape its profile among universities in Europe. The thirteen disciplines, i.e. Stage Design, Performing Art (Drama), Composition and Music Theory, Conducting, Voice, Music Education, Voice and Instruments Pedagogy (IGP), Instrumental Studies, Jazz (the oldest academic place of education in Europe), Catholic and Protestant Church Music, Electrical Engineering / Sound Engineering (together with the University of Technology Graz), Musicology (in cooperation with the University of Graz), the Artistic and the Scientific Doctoral Study Program concentrate on essentials in the arts and science, Unity of Arts, Science and Teaching. The KUG combines the development and unfolding of the arts (artistic research) and research with university education. Compared to other universities worldwide, the scientific aspect in education is quite well developed and benefits from the vivid practice of music. On the other hand, artists benefit from scientific reflection. A functional and state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as numerous guest lectures, workshops and possibilities to appear in public allow to design studies in the best possible way. The artistic and scientific activities of some 400 renowned teachers interact directly with teaching and ensure excellent and practice-oriented education this way. Owing to this highly qualified personal attention KUG can look back on a long list of very successful graduates. At KUG, students and teachers are considered partners in a common cognitive process which animates the concept of "education through the arts and science". Moreover, KUG supports the new generation of artists and scientists by opening up to them realistic job chances and career possibilities.