General Information

The UT Viljandi Culture Academy offers graduate and undergraduate study programmes in music (jazz, traditional, pedagogy), sound engineering.
Besides the theoretical knowledge, our graduates obtain practical experience which enables them to have a steady position for entering labour market. The educational activities carried out at the academy have an important regional effect as after graduation our former students move to different places all over Estonia not just into big cities. Their educational background, open-minded spirit, and acquired professional, pedagogical and entrepreneurial skills create a good basis for having the leading role in the shaping of the future of local culture and communities that are open to the world.

Viljandi Culture Academy is also a unique community of people and a special kind of learning environment. Through common projects and in some cases joint studies the students of different specialities can get a better understanding of the study's field of their fellow students. We believe that this kind of co-operation enables us to create synergy within the studying community. In addition to being a higher educational institution, the academy also aims at becoming an educational, creative, spiritual, and development centre within Viljandi County, Estonia by being the main engine for the development of regional creative industries.