The Orchestre des Champs-Élysées (Paris, France), the Conservatoire Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Cagliari, Italy), and the Armenian National Opera (Yerevan, Armenia) are launching a professional insertion program for young European musicians in 2024, the Beethoven Academy. The academy aims to safeguard, transmit, and promote the practice of playing period instruments and to support young European artists in the development of their European and international careers.

Implemented in three stages with the overarching theme “1824-2024 | Beethoven and Europe”, the project includes:

  • A first academy from Sunday, June 30th to Monday, July 8th, 2024 at the Conservatoire Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Cagliari, Italy)
  • A European tour with the Orchestre des Champs-Élysées in December 2024 and March 2025
  • A second academy in early July 2025 at the Armenian National Opera

This Open Call is for the 2024 Beethoven Academy I in Cagliari

Deadline for application: Monday, April 8th, 2024

Announcement of results: Monday, April 22nd, 2024


Maximum age: under 35

Minimum required level:

  • Currently enrolled student or recent graduate (DEM, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or equivalent)
  • While mastery of period instruments is not mandatory, an inclination for historically informed practice is necessary, especially for wind and brass musicians
  • Level criteria may be adjusted upon recommendation from a conservatory director


To facilitate the pre-selection process for auditions, applicants are requested to submit a short video (maximum 10-15 minutes) showcasing excerpts from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (adagio and scherzo) and a movement from a classical concerto from 1770 to 1820 – smartphone or computer recording, solo performance without accompaniment is possible. See scores : 

– Mandatory availability dates for the academy to be opted now: 

Sunday, June 30th to Monday, July 8th, 2024

📝 Application form ENGLISH: 

📝 Application form FRENCH: 


Lucie Zourray (Head of the NOE project – Beethoven Academy)