Eartraining Workshop and Forum
4th edition

Parma, Conservatorio “Arrigo Boito”
Auditorium del Carmine
24-27 January 2018


For several years, the Conservatorio “A. Boito” has been committed to didactic innovation applied to eartraining and music formation. Enabling Jazz and Pop curricula, adopting new methods and media for teaching and renewing programs for pre-academic courses are some examples of this work-in-progress experience.

This Workshop and Forum “Sentiamoci a Parma” develops in this frame with a dual aim: to gather in a single event eartraining teachers from different italian and european institutions (and experiences) and to act as an occasion for discussion about several modi operandi. Without underestimating thoretical and pedagogical facts, the practical experience, lived through the concreteness of the real lesson, can become the core of eartraining debate and renewal.

For these reasons, this Eartraining Workshop and Forum program of the four days involves real lessons in several groups of students of our Conservatorio (from pre-academic to Bachelor degree) held by the participating teachers. Eartraining teachers attending the re-training course SONO held by Alberto Odone at Scuola Musicale di Milano will participate in Sentiamoci a Parma as a part of their course program.
During the last day of the Workshop a debate will take place, intended as an opportunity for discussion and exchange of experiences and opinions.

Lectures will be held in Italian or English and translated for the audience.