MusicAIRE’s mission to support the music sector coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic comes to a close. Over the past 30 months, MusicAIRE has supported numerous projects across Europe and has tested a new funding format on the EU level for the music sector.

The projects on green, digital and just & resilient recovery offered a wide range of activities: from career development to insightful analysis, studies and research. 

The ‘Final Publication – Lessons Learned, Evaluation and Recommendations’ offers further suggestions for the implementation of a cascading grant scheme on an EU level. Learn more about the publications below.

MusicAIRE Final Publication

The MusicAIRE Final Publication aims to examine the projects’ impact and outlines potential future actions. The first section provides an overview of MusicAIRE activities, the second section provides a summary of the external evaluation of MusicAIRE and the third section provides policy recommendations based on gathered insights and lessons learned. These policy recommendations are based on the consortium’s experience and were further developed with input from the funded projects and music sector stakeholders involved in the MusicAIRE think tanks. Read more

Spotlight MusicAIRE policy recommendations

MusicAIRE has demonstrated that small-scale funding for the music sector are a valuable addition to the already existing Creative Europe funding opportunities in the culture strand, which are highly relevant and need to be maintained and further enlarged (e.g. in the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) starting in 2028).

To fully explore the potential of a small-scale funding scheme, the consortium strongly recommends considering the following aspects for future funding schemes:

  1. The EU should look into the potential of increasing the overall budget for music within the upcoming MFF (Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, Single market, European Social Funds, European Regional Development Fund).
  2. Develop a funding scheme that adequately reflects the needs of services rendered by the consortium in charge of re-distributing EU funding.
  3. Regular dialogue between the European Commission and the music sector is needed, e.g. through an expert group that meets twice per year to reflect on current policy developments across the different policy areas.

For more details on these recommendations, please refer to the final publication.


Launched in September 2021, MusicAIRE was implemented by a consortium of Inova+ and the European Music Council (EMC). After the launch of two Open Calls for Proposals, 2.2 million EUR were re-distributed to the music sector through the selection of 51 projects. Grants were distributed for micro (15.000 EUR), small (30.000 EUR) and medium (55.000 EUR) projects with a co-funding rate of 90%. This brochure provides a glimpse into the achievements of the diverse projects supported by MusicAIRE. Read more.