The AEC – Strengthening Music in Society project (AEC-SMS), is approaching its final phase and by now all WGs have developed a set of deliverables which are being broadly disseminated within the AEC members and made available on the SMS Website. 

AEC is looking for representatives of its member institutions, such as students, teachers or administrative staff who have taken part in one of the SMS workshops, have participated in the AEC event or are using one of the project deliverables in their daily practice.

We would like to encourage you to share your experiences with us and with the AEC Community. 

Have you participated in an AEC-SMS workshop, seminar or event? For example:

  • Re-thinking and Opening Curricula within Popular, Traditional, World, Folk and Jazz music programs, by the Diversity, Identity, Inclusiveness WG at the AEC Congress 2020 and AEC Pop and Jazz Platform 2021;
  • Developing a dialogue between the conservatoire and the “near society”, by the Music in Society WG at the AEC Congress 2020;
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset in Time of Uncertainty, by the Entrepreneurship WG at the AEC Congress 2020;
  • LATIMPE Platform 2020.

Have you benefitted from any of the AEC-SMS outcomes? For example:

If your answer is yes, let us know by 9 September how these workshops, seminars, publications have helped you improving some aspects of your institution. We also encourage you to share this call within your institution!