“The future of Higher Popular Music Education” conference is a single day, on campus interdisciplinary event taking place at Codarts Rotterdam in cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam, on October 12, 2023.

Forty-five years ago, the inspector of the Dutch Ministry of Education wrote a letter to the Rotterdam conservatory, expressing his deep worries about other genres than classical music entering the university: “Recent press publications about the attention for popular entertainment music within your university gives me serious concerns” This situation has changed substantially. Popular music has found a place within many European Higher Music Education Institutes.

This conference focuses on the future of Higher Popular Music Education. What are the challenges and opportunities in Higher Popular Music Education? How can we create a learning environment that best prepares students for a (sustainable) career in popular music?

The conference themes will include:

• HPME and its position in the popular music ecosystem
• Inequalities at HPME
• Position of HPME at the conservatory
• Academization of HPME
• Transferable skills and critical thinking at HPME
• Developments in popular music pedagogy
• Curriculum development
• History of higher popular music education
• Etc.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tom Parkinson (University of Kent)

Format – Call for Proposals

The standard format for presentations will be 20-minute papers, either taking an academic or professional focus. We also welcome multi-person panels or workshops. Please send proposals of 250 words and a bio of 100 words to popularmusicconference@codarts.nl by 1 June 2023.

The conference fee is to be determined.

Conference Co-Organisers:

Wessel Coppes (Codarts Rotterdam)
Pauwke Berkers (Erasmus University Rotterdam | Rotterdam Popular Music Studies)