Common Ground interdisciplinary week + Inspirational education day for staff + Seminar/Deb
19-23 February, 2008
The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp is pleased to inform you on a new initiative from the Schools of Arts: Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
During the week of 19th of February the seminar will shed light on both its campuses being the intercultural biotopes that they are, within their urban and societal context.  
This initiative is based on several other evolvements:
  • Through the InArtEs project the Royal Conservatoire wants to discover opportunities for teaching and presenting resulting from the international student and teacher population on one side and the urban diversity on the other side. How can we innovate our ways of teaching and presenting based on this intercultural contexts?
  • During the Common Ground week students from the dance, music, drama, woordkunst and kleinkunst and Juwel- en Kostume-desig and Photography will work together on their own interdisciplinary projects and they might present them.
  • INSPIRE is an afternoon of debate on the relevant position of Higher education in the Arts within an urban and societal context. The aim is to illuminate the critical self-reflection and the never ending search for innovative engagement to today’s society. 
Event Planning:

1. Monday till Friday: Third Edition of Common Ground with Interdisciplinary projects and workshops by and from researchers and students. 
2. Thursday 22nd of February: Inspirational day on education for staff. In the morning the colleagues at AP University College are offered workshops and lectures in order to inspire them and invite them for reflection and exchange of expertise.

3. In the afternoon this day evolves into INSPIRE: a public and international meeting with lectures and (political) debate.  
4. Friday 23th of February The intercultural Arts Campus organize a scouting by professional partners of its Young talents at the presentation of their Common ground projects.

Please share your ideas and remarks through Kirsten Roosendaal: about the following questions:

  1. Which of these activities are of interest to you or your organization?
  2. In what way would you be able to contribute to these activities and what would be the conditions?
  3. Which days are you available during the week of 19th of February?
  4. Do you know other persons or organizations involved in this topic that we should contact?
For more information, please find below the pdf about the The intercultural Arts Campus: