The JMI Digibazar is a project aimed at supporting the digital future of Europe’s music sector with lessons for the global community. Over the past year, JMI has been exploring the needs of music networks and organisations across the continent and, together with industry experts, JMI has crafted a set of tools and strategies to help you meet the future head-on.

JMI Digibazar Survey Results

In 2023 JMI surveyed and interviewed over 100 European music organisations including some of its largest institutional networks. The outcomes have been published in a paper that hopes to shed light on the state of our art.

JMI Music Tech Mapping of Digital Tools

Do you feel like the amount of digital tools out there is just too overwhelming? Looking where to start? What tools you need and for what? Her is the perfect tool for you!

The JMI Digibazar Summit

Coming together in Gent, Belgium from the of October 2023 where representatives of 13 of Europe’s largest music networks along side 4 music-tech experts to discuss current trends and future opportunities within the music sector in Europe.

The Mubazar Impact Centre

As a part of the project JMI has been able to develop a Mubazar Impact Centre, an additional to JMI’s Mubazar platform where music professionals are able to monitor the impact of their activities and better understand their audiences. The center features a host of analytics to help you understand your impact.

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