The first round of applications managed via the new EASY Mobility Online System is coming to an end. It has been challenging and a lot still has to be done to improve the system for the next academic year. 

That is why we need your help with filling in a survey which allows you to report issues, solutions, and suggestions for our upcoming EASY MO sessions at the AEC International Relations Coordinators Meeting in Dublin, comments on customer support and reflections on the future of this ambitious project.

Deadline: 14th July 2024

You will see that the survey is quite long and detailed. Please take your time to give clear, specific and extensive feedback. We advise you to give a look at all the questions first, before starting answering, so that you can properly distribute your feedback according to the various themes proposed, avoiding repetitions.

Your comments will be key to our work in the Summer, and the list of selected improvements will be presented in Dublin before the actual implementation for the next application round.

Thank you in advance for your precious help – TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!