The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) has introduced the ECMA Pro Career Skills Platform to support musicians; career development.

Co-funded by the EU, this initiative aims to equip musicians with essential tools and knowledge for navigating the modern music industry. A notable feature of the Career Skills Platform is its emphasis on autonomy and active learning. Through a combination of videos and supplementary materials, musicians are encouraged to take control of their career trajectories, learning at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

The platform offers for example an Introductory Course on Project Management. Industry experts like Sonia Simmenauer and Andreas Sønning covering topics like project creation, presentation and finance. A complete course from music marketing specialist Tiziana Tentoni offers exciting insights into the topics of promotion and marketing.

With a focus on chamber music, the platform provides resources to enhance musicians; repertoire understanding and ensemble dynamics. By leveraging digital technology and industry insights, ECMA Pro empowers musicians to thrive in an evolving musical landscape.

ECMA Pro is an EU-co-funded cooperation project tackling career development and socially engaged outreach in chamber music. Over the course of four years (2020-2024), twelve partner institutions join forces to further develop the European Chamber Music Academy

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Bernhard Karl, Project Management ECMA Pro