Erasmus+ cooperation partnership TUNE “Traditional music Undergraduate Network in Europe” starting in November

Collaboration with University of Southeastern Norway’s (USN) traditional arts department leads to an Erasmus+ cooperation partnership with six partners: University of Southeastern Norway (Rauland Campus), pôle Aliénor (Poitiers), University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy (Estonia), Conservatorio Superior de Vigo (Spain), University of Ioannina (Greece) and European Association of Conservatories (AEC). The project has been approved and launched in November 2021, to last until May 2024.  

In each country, associated partners will contribute to dissemination of activities and relations with professional actors. 

TUNE’s expected results by May 2024 are the following:  

  • Conception of an online platform for learning, teaching and sharings. 
  • Joint module common to 5 institutions.
  • Opening the network toward other institutions at the end of the project.  

 All along the project, multiple activities will be presented:  

  • 5 intensive weeks, leading to common artistic productions (1 per semester, 1 in each institution, gathering 5 students and 2 teachers of each institution)
  • 3 multiplier events to share progress and the project’s results to a broader audience: 1 online in Vigo,1 during the AEC congress in 2023 and one final event in Poitiers in 2023. 
  • Regular transnational meetings to manage the project, prepare intensive weeks and work on both main results (online platform and joint module).