The Erasmus Orchestra (EO) returned to perform on two occasions in May, featuring small groups of musical ensembles. The Orchestra was established in 2017 by the Erasmus+ National Agency INDIRE, comprising students from European conservatoires and music institutes who have undergone or are undergoing an Erasmus international mobility experience.

The first performance was scheduled for May 11th in Bologna, within “Eufonica,” the national fair dedicated to the world of music education. The Orchestra members participated in the INDIRE Arts, Languages, and Educational Scenarios conference: supporting music education in achieving key competencies. A student ensemble from the Orchestra then performed a musical intervention organised by INDIRE in collaboration with the “G.B. Martini” Conservatoire of Bologna and Maestro Riccardo Santoboni from the “L. Refice” Conservatoire of Frosinone.

The second event, also with a reduced formation, was for the “ESCI Day Italy,” the national meeting dedicated to the European Student Card Initiative, organised by the Erasmus+ Agency INDIRE, was scheduled for May 15th at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. For this closed-door performance, the students were selected in collaboration with various conservatories across Italy. The performance was conducted by Maestro Ludovico Noseda, an Erasmus student from the “L. Marenzio” Conservatoire of Brescia.

On both occasions, the Orchestra staff was present to provide information about the project.

The Erasmus Orchestra on Podcast

The Erasmus Orchestra serves as a tool to convey the European values supported by the Erasmus+ Program through a universal and inclusive language like music. Making music together, with rigour and passion, sharing cultures, and showing interest in each other’s diversity.

Giuseppe Lucchese, the logistics manager of the Erasmus Orchestra, began discussing this unique musical ensemble’s themes. Lucchese, along with Maestro Elio Orciuolo and Ludovica Ballerino, an orchestra musician, were guests on the twelfth episode of INDIRE Plus, the segment produced in collaboration with INDIRE, which aired on Wednesday, May 1st.

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