Symposium “Developing Critical Reflection and Cognitive Skills in Art Practice”, September 24th 2021 at the European Academy for Music and Performing Arts Palazzo Ricci in Montepulciano.

The Palazzo Ricci is the only German cultural project in Italy that is focused on music and it enables contact among young, extremely talented artists from around Europe. In the second half of September it venues the “Laboratory of the Arts” (12-25 September 2021), a two-week interdisciplinary laboratory in collaboration with the Music and Arts HEI in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) called “Kolleg der Künste Montepulciano“.

At the end of this event, a Symposium will discuss the latest experiences of different experimental settings in Artistic Research: the first two Laboratories with students and teachers of the RAPP Lab project at the Orpheus Institute and the NMH Oslo and the results of the interdisciplinary work of students during the “Laboratory of Arts”. All these activities lead to the main issues of RAPP (Reflection-based Artistic Professional Practice)-Lab: the question, how critical thinking and reflectiveness can change one’s own artistic practice. It is based on the idea that knowledge in practice does not function in the sense of a hermetic storage. Rather, critical reflection on art and in art enables multi-layered processes of knowledge: in words, bodily gestures, sounds and social interactions.

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