METRIC (Modernizing European Higher Music Education through Improvisation) is a cooperative network of several leading European conservatoires and the AEC, with the aim to focus on the modernisation of higher music education through intensive international cooperation in the field of improvisation.

METRIC is organising a series of free sessions about musical improvisation delivered by experts from METRIC’s partner institutions. The sessions are open to educators, students and all improvisation enthusiasts!

Join us on Wednesday 18 January at 17:30 CET for our second open online event about musical improvisation. 

The guest speaker of this session will be pianist, composer and teacher Jeroen Malaise from the  Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. His session will be about “The Art of Preluding”. 

The Art of Preluding

In many ways, “The Art of Preluding” is an ideal stepping stone into the domain of tonal improvisation. This is evidenced not only by historical sources but also by the results of practising this discipline. All tonal basics are present: the 24 keys, chord theory, modulations, performance skills, etc. This session will explore step by step the basics of The Art of Preluding and it can be followed with or without an instrument. The main focus is preluding the piano, but other instruments are also welcome to join.

The online learning platform will be used in the session.

More about Jeroen:

Jeroen Malaise (°1971, Antwerp, Belgium) is a pianist-composer and teacher at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. He mainly focuses on contemporary music experience and has a fascination for various traditions and different forms of improvisation. Jeroen played several keyboard instruments from an early age onwards, including clavichord, harpsichord and piano. He performed with various productions in most European countries and different continents. His solo album of 24 preludes “Nomadic Cycle” was released on 1 December 2022.

To attend the session, join the Zoom meeting on Wednesday 18 January at 17:30 CET!

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