Meet the Steering Committee for the Harmonisation of European Music Education (SCHEME) (WP7)

What are your working group goals for the project?

The SCHEME Working Group is one of three working groups responsible for implementing the goals defined for Work Package 7 of the ARTEMIS project. The SCHEME consortium is composed of representatives of the three major European associations active in the field of institutionalised music education: AEC, EAS and EMU. Together, these 3 organisations cover the entire field of music education from early childhood to doctoral studies. The overarching goal of the consortium is to promote the further development of music education and to make the sector fit for the future. The SCHEME consortium has existed since 2014 and was already part of the two predecessor projects of Artemis, Full Score and SMS.

What are some outputs you are currently working on?      

Generally speaking, the SCHEME WG has committed to investigating the impact of current social developments and societal trends on music education. These include among others the digital shift, climate change and the question of how to meet in a meaningful and appropriate manner the diversity of cultural needs. A key interface between the activities and goals of the 3 associations is the issue of music teacher education. EMU and EAS emphasize that teacher profiles of the past seem to be more and more outdated when it comes to facilitating music learning with future generations, and AEC member institutions play a crucial role in preparing young emerging music teachers for their future job.

At the very moment, the SCHEME consortium is preparing a joint presentation at the EMC Forum on Music 2023 trying to find answers to the question of what sustainable music education is. And on 6 September from 11:00 to 12:30 CET, a webinar is scheduled addressing the contribution and responsibility of music education to empower young people to become culturally aware European citizens. More detailed information on this webinar will be provided in due time.

Meet the SCHEME Working Group