The third international conference, Psychology and Music – Interdisciplinary Encounters (PAM-IE Zagreb 2024) will be held 23 – 26 October 2024 at the University of Zagreb Academy of Music and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The conference will follow the previous two editions organised by the University of Arts Faculty of Music in Belgrade (a brief history of the PAM-IE conferences is available here).

By organising the third international PAM-IE 2024 conference, the organisers aim to bring together the diverse research endeavours of individuals and institutions in the interdisciplinary field of psychology and music and to continue providing a setting in which they can make their work visible to each other as well as to a broader interested audience.

The conference is planned to be held on-site, with the possibility to combine live and virtual participation.

The tasks of the conference are:

  • To foster interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical research and knowledge exchange in psychology and music and related scientific and humanistic disciplines, as well as arts.
  • To encourage the practical applications of academic knowledge, primarily in music education, music performance, and the musicians’ well-being.
  • To create possibilities for international encounters and strengthen networks and collaborations between researchers in different geographic areas.
  • To bring together experienced scholars, early-career researchers, psychologists, musicians with different profiles, and representatives of related scientific and applied disciplines.


Researchers, artists and other experts from the broad area of psychology and music, as well as those from related fields working on issues related to the psychology of music (including, but not limited to, psychological aspects of performance, perception, cognition and the experience of music), are warmly invited to submit a presentation proposal.

Conference contributions include spoken presentations, poster presentations, symposia, workshops, book presentations, and participation through attendance and discussions.

The official language of the conference will be English.

Abstracts should be submitted in English at by 15 February 2024.
The receipt of your abstract will be confirmed by email at the address of the corresponding author.

Find out more about how to contribute to the conference here.

Registration instructions will be available by the end of April 2024.