The AEC Office is conducting two surveys directed to AEC Members:

Communication Survey

AEC is conducting a brief survey directed to International Relations Coordinators and Communication Officers at AEC member institutions to understand the communication needs and competencies of the higher music education sector. 

The survey focuses on gathering insights about preferred communication channels, awareness of AEC events and activities, social media engagement, and internal communication methods. Participants are also encouraged to share their opinions on the most pressing communication challenges they encounter and identify areas where specialised training would be beneficial.

The survey is implemented in the framework of the “AEC – Empowering Artists as Makers in Society” (2022-2025). Our ultimate goal is to create spaces both digital and physical to support the administrative teams at AEC member institutions with engaging with their audiences and disseminating all relevant news.

Student Platform Survey

AEC institutions are invited to take part in a survey dedicated to gathering information about financial support for students.

This survey aims to gather essential information about scholarships, grants, instrument purchase/lend assistance and other forms of financial aid available to students in higher music education institutions. The goal is to create a platform on the AEC website, offering invaluable insights into various financial support avenues for aspiring artists.