We are happy to announce that five new member institutions have joined the AEC community earlier this month. Applications to become Active and Associate members were assessed by the AEC Council with support from the AEC Office, and approved during the last AEC Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday 15 June. These include:

These institutions became Active members of our association, a category dedicated to any conservatoire, académie de musique, musikhochschulen or any other equivalent institution in Europe aiming at educating students for the music profession. These institutions are engaged in the delivery of programmes, some of which are above Level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) or its equivalent, and meet the broad description of such programmes contained in the AEC-Tuning Handbook: ‘Reference Points for the Design and Delivery of Degree Programmes in Music’.

In addition, OAcademy, The Orchestra of the Americas Group became Associate members of our association, a category dedicated to institutions, both within and outside Europe, which either provide the same level of education as stated for Active members above OR are active in, or have connection to wider aspects of training for the music profession.

Becoming an AEC member?

Our brochure for prospective members, as well as our application form is available upon request. Should you decide to apply for membership, please do not hesitate to send an email to Alfonso Guerra, AEC Membership and Finance Coordinator, or visit the AEC website, where you will find more detailed information on the application process. We are looking forward to receiving your application and hope to welcome you to the AEC community soon!