European Forum for Music Education and Training – EFMET

A new European initiative in the field of music education, entitled the ‘European Forum for Music Education and Training – EFMET’ was launched in 2003. This project, coordinated by the European Music Council, brings together European organisations active in formal types of music education and non-formal types of music education. The European Commission has supported the development of this forum through the financial support to preparatory actions in the framework of the EU cultural programme Culture 2000.

The objectives of EFMET

  • To improve European cooperation and communication between organisations active in formal and non-formal types of music eduation through a number of collaborative workshops and discussion rounds
  • To collect information on music teacher training programmes for classroom music teachers and instrumental/vocal teachers in Europe
  • To formulate recommendations for the European Commission on the place and role of (music) eduation and training in the new EU programme for culture after 2006. These recommandations are urgently required: obtaining funding for European activities in education and culture programme often create confusion by referring to each other in relation to this type of activities.